Monday, January 5, 2009


I really want to eat something right now. For years midnight snacking has been a daily activity. Tonight it ends. I have had plenty of good things to eat today and I know my body doesn't need anymore food. It has become such a habit that I could set my clock to my nightly food urges. My stomach is grumbly but I know it is a mental thing. So for now there is only one option. I am going to bed with out stopping by the fridge! Good night and good luck tomorrow.


  1. I have had a struggle with this issue too. I still have it! I feel you! I want to eat right now and I am full! It is 1040pm and I want to chow down! To bed for me too!

  2. That is a killer for me too. I munch on cheddar cheese crackers, the 4 or 6 pk one. I'm the only one uys them, so I guess I am th eonly one who can keep them out of the house,right!?


    Estela in South TX

  3. I didn't get to post last night so I hope you made it through the midnight cravings unscathed!!

  4. I had the same problem. You want to know how I licked it? I don't have any food at home. It makes it impossible to snack. It is radical, but it works.